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Articles about Magento, PHP and other topics

Many of these articles originally appeared on the Magentron Blog.

  • PHP: Determine the full URL of the current page

    Published on Monday 16 October 2017 by Jeroen Derks
    Sometimes you want to know in a simple PHP script what the current URL (the URL through which the PHP script is called) is. When I was looking for a solution without reinventing the wheel, I actually found no piece of PHP code that met my expectations. So let me try it as well.
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  • What's my IP address? - Now easy to remember curl command line++

    Published on Tuesday 3 October 2017 by Jeroen Derks
    Many times when I checking for example access or error logs, I need to know my public or external IP address (these days most people by now should be using NAT at home because their Internet access router configures it out of the box so that they cannot simply use ifconfig or ipconfig to see which IP address is in use).
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  • Automatically upgrade all PHPMailer installs on your server

    Published on Thursday 29 December 2016 by Jeroen Derks
    In the last week two critical issues where discovered by Dawid Golunski in PHPMailer, a library to facilitate sending email messages using PHP.
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  • Programmatically creating a coupon (including the rule) with conditions in Magento

    Published on Tuesday 22 May 2012 by Jeroen Derks
    For one of my projects I needed to programmatically create a random coupon for a specific product in Magento. Since I did not find an exact sample that I could use I decided to post my solution here.
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  • How to add customer authentication to your Magento API

    Published on Tuesday 22 May 2012 by Jeroen Derks
    In dit artikel zal ik een eenvoudige oplossing beschrijven voor het toevoegen van klant-authenticatie aan de Magento API. Hoe functionaliteit toe te voegen aan de Magento API is al goed is gedocumenteerd in de Magento wiki-pagina Een aangepaste API of uitbreiding van de Core API, zodat we hier niet verder op ingaan.
    Het idee is om eenvoudig dezelfde functie voor de login() aan te roepen die gebruikt wordt in de frontend en dan controleren of er authenticatie van klanten in alle API-oproep die klant verificatie vereist.
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  • Questions to ask when interviewing a candidate Magento developer

    Published on Sunday 06 May 2012 by Jeroen Derks
    Since there is a lot of work to do for Magento, I have been looking to find some help. In my experience it is very difficult to determine the knowledge and expertise of a candidate until he/she is actually working on a project with you. During my search I have compiled a list of questions to help make the decision on who to actually talk to. When actually talking to a candidate, the questions are used to discuss the various topics more in depth.
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  • Useful Magento extensions for developers, novice users and others

    Published on Monday 20 February 2012 by Jeroen Derks
    Magento Connect has many, many extensions, but which of them could be useful for the developers, novice users and other users of Magento? Working with Magento as a developer has led me to some useful extensions to make my life and that of my customers easier.
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  • Products have disappeared after import into Magento? A possible solution!

    Published on Friday 16 December 2011 by Jeroen Derks
    Well, it happened to me before, but of course it was already such a long time ago that the solution was only passively available in my brain. So I imported a bunch of products (again). But this time all the products that I had imported disappeared. I checked the database, but the products were there. How to deal with this?
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  • Fixing a corrupted Thunderbird popstate.dat file

    Published on Tuesday 11 October 2011 by Jeroen Derks
    Het gebeurt niet vaak, maar soms loopt mijn computer vast. Helaas, maar dat is het leven van een computergebruiker. De meeste programma's en hun gegevens zijn daarna in orde, echter Thunderbird is daar niet een van. Soms is na de crash, is het popstate.dat bestand beschadigd, leeg of ontbreekt geheel. Zie ook Thunderbird bug #263142
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  • How to display your extension version in Magento admin configuration

    Published on Wednesday 20 July 2011 by Jeroen Derks
    To view the version of installed Magento extensions, you can go to Magento Connect Manager. But, then you have to go out of the admin, log in again, and then go back. It works, but I would prefer to see the version information together with the extension configuration in the Magento administration configuration section. This can be easily achieved by 2 or 3 additional modifications.
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  • New Magento extension for automatically attaching images to emails

    Published on Tuesday 05 July 2011 by Jeroen Derks
    So, do you ever get email with images that need to be loaded because they are not or not properly attached to the email? I do, and I have to say I don't really like it. Of course, there is the trade-off that the email size will increase if they are attached to the email, but if the sender takes care the number and size of the images are small and therefor the size of the email should still be at an acceptable level.
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  • Enable cache for Ecomdev_PHPUnit

    Published on Monday 04 July 2011 by Jeroen Derks
    While writing the unit tests for our new extension EmailImages we discovered that there was no easy way in Ecomdev_PHPUnit (or at least no documented way) to enable the use of the cache. It seemed it would only work without the cache enabled. Since our module caches images that were downloaded to be attached to an email, we would like to at least use the unit test to get 100% code coverage and to see in the log file that the cache was actually being used for these images. (Of course it would be better to have that part included in the unit test itself, but we'll leave that as an exercise to the reader, please submit your input!)
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