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A web application, quickly done?
I am going to help you realise your dreams!


Laravel is currently one of the most popular PHP frameworks to create web applications. There are many reasons why it has become so popular in a short time among PHP programmers. Some of these reasons are:

  • The ease with which modules (or components) can be added and used by PHP developers via composer.
  • Its extended ORM (Object-Oriented Relational Modeling) layer to access the database via objects, called Eloquent.
  • Simple but extensive and advanced routing
  • A nearly default implementation for authentication and an abundance of available examples for authorisations. This makes it relatively easy for a PHP specialist to create a safe website.
  • ... and much more.


Besides projects for clients, I also try to make part of my work available to other programmers. So, way you can install the following packages via composer:

  • Laravel Blade Lint - an artisan command to check Blade templates for syntax errors
  • Laravel API Logger - a convenient way to log the content of inbound and outbound traffic to and from an API written in Laravel.
  • laravel-scripts - a Makefile and Envoy deploy script to perform standard tasks related to Laravel, such as deployment, in a simple manner.
  • Laravel HTML - a fork of the Laravel HTML library of% s for use in PHP 5.6.

Shortly I expect to make available a tool to automatically download a ready-made CRUD administration interface after uploading a data model or database.


A project that I recently delivered concerns a web application to allow secondary school pupils to do their homework via the Internet, where in this specific case it concerns an application where research is done on how the Internet can contribute to an improved learning process.

On behalf of a customer I created an API with an administration section, where IoT devices send data about industrial batteries (eg for electrical forklifts) via the Internet to the API to send notifications if necessary so that action can be taken prematurely improve battery life.


Because I do not always have the time or because there might be other programmers that are more knowledgeable related to your specific wishes, I often work together with other programmers so that I can always help you.

Call me now on  +31207775488  and your Laravel application will be online shortly!