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Are you looking for a Magento specialist?
So you have arrived at the right place!

Lots of experience

Ever since the end of 2009 I work with Magento. In the meantime, I have made a number of complete webshops, servicing existing webshops, and have developed a number of extensions specifically for Magento. Also, I sometimes contribute to Magento myself through the Magento Contributor program or related tools like modman.
You can see some examples in the right column.

Different parts within Magento which I have realized:

  • importing and exporting of configurable, bundled and grouped products via a CSV file
  • configuration of VAT taxes for the Netherlands, the European Union, and beyond
  • generate XML for export to Exact
  • template realisation / integration based on design, HTML or Magento theme
  • install and configure different extensions (eg for iDEAL payments or payment providers like Ogone, Paypal, DocData)
  • configuration of multilingualism, in both product / category as well as URLs and CMS pages
  • configure multiple webshops within a single Magento installation
  • develop web applications based on Magento
  • detect and solve problems in existing Magento websites

See also my blog with Magento related articles.


To keep my knowledge up-to-date, I regularly visit Magento conferences. Especially the conferences for Magento developers are very interesting to me and it is also very inspiring to exchange experiences with other Magento programmers.

Magento Developers Paradise 2011

I see Magento certification, alongside a good way to demonstrate my knowledge and experience, as well as a way to gain knowledge regarding other areas within Magento. I expect to achieve the Magento certification early next year.

Public Magento extension

During the development of one of my own websites, I developed a Magento extension, EmailImages, which automatically adds used images in HTML to emails sent from Magento so that the images can be instantly displayed in your email program.

The source code of this extension has also been published via GitHub so you can get an idea of how I work, see Magentron EmailImages at GitHub.


Because many of my clients need multiple programmers working on their projects, I work together with multiple PHP programmers. So for bigger projects you can also count on me!


I have converted this webshop from osCommerce to Magento: Magento - Airocpomp.com

New webshop based on a supplied graphical design Magento - Bruno Klassiek Presenteert

For this webshop I have created an extension for importing grouped products and configurable products: Magento - Click4kids

Magento extension available on Magento Connect: Magento - extension EmailImages


From experience it appears that the use and maintenance of a Magento webshop and possibly the accompanying (web) server(s) demand a considerable amount of time. Because of that I have listed here some hosted (SaaS) alternatives:

  • Shopify
    Shopify was founded in 2004 and now has 300,000 webshops and has more than $200 million in sales per year (the forecast for 2016 is around $300 million revenue: see the results of Shopify in 2015). You can start your own shop from $29 a month or $9 on Facebook with 14 days free trial.
    Click here to get more information about Shopify.
  • BigCommerce
    Another, less known but therefore no less interesting, web shop plaftorm is BigCommerce. They have an easy-to-use platform that lets you create a beautiful web shop without knowledge of HTML and web design. The prices are similar to Shopify with a basic $29.95 subscription per month.
    Click here to know more about BigCommerce.
  • Wix
    With Wix, you can quickly and easily create a website or webshop / webshop, usually using a drag-and-drop interface. The big advantage is that you can get free for free and if the webshop grows you can grow to the premium accounts, giving you up to € 24.50 per month paid.
    Click here to learn more about Wix.
  • myShop
    mijnwinkel is a Dutch company founded by Durk Jan de Bruin, the founder of Startpagina.nl, and makes it easy for anyone to start a webshop quickly and easily. The prices are also a lot lower to start (€ 5 per month) so ideal to start small.
    Click here to find more information about myShop.

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