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My work

For more information about Laravel, Magento, Python and WordPress you can also go to the relevant pages.

  • Portfolio - Telfort

    In addition to all kinds of mini applications and maintenance to existing applications, I've built an application framework for new applications. Etc. I have converted the registration / authentication section of the website by means of This framework (PHP, PEAR, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML; Linux, Windows).

  • Proyecto PHP - ABN AMRO - Smartjobs

    An internal vacancy website built in collaboration with the product owner, an interaction designer (design bureau Luyfel), IT Infrastructure and the hosting provider (PHP, MySQL, TomatoCMS, Zend Framework, LinkedIn API, Selenium, Linux, Windows).

  • Portfolio - TomTom

    As a PHP software developer, I have contributed TomTom's website. For example, I have made an authentication module and improved the application framework (C, OpenSSL, FreeTDS, PHP, Smarty, MSSQL, JavaScript; Linux, Windows).

  • Portfolio - Marktplaats

    Durante varios meses yo era parte del equipo de desarrollo responsable de una serie de proyectos relacionados con el sitio web y Administrador (PHP, PEAR, Smarty, MySQL, JavaScript, Linux, Windows).

  • Webshop for Dummies
    Een eigen webwinkel voor Dummies

    I contributed my insights to the chapter on security in the book "Webshops for Dummies".

  • Trojan scan
    Trojan scan

    Trojan scan is my own product that I have made available as Open Source. It is a tool that monitors servers for the presence of trojans and other perpetrators. In the community it is widely used and it is also described by Joe Barr in the book "CLI for Noobies".

  • Portfolio - Lost Boys

    As a PHP software developer, I contributed to Lost Boys for projects like Monumenten.nl and NS HISpeed (PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3; Linux, Mac OS X, Window).

  • Portfolio - Demon

    ISP Demon had performance problems with a PHP / MySQL application that was used for Customer Care. After analysis of the problem, the MySQL configuration has been modified, memory expanded and its facilities for archiving outdated data (PHP, PEAR, MySQL, Linux, FreeBSD).

  • Portfolio - Magento

    Magentron is a website where I sell and support my Magento extensions. Soon my new extension for PHPlist integration will be released. This extension is a tool for making the use of newsletters within Magento easier.

  • Portfolio - Proven Models
    Proven Models

    Proven Models is a collection point for models. For this site, I've solved a list of bugs in the code already present (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript; Linux, Windows).

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