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Do you want to have a WordPress website?
I am going to help you realise your dreams!


WordPress is now one of the most widely used programs for website creation and management. Initially made for blogging, nowadays you can add it to all sides. About a quarter of all websites are created with WordPress (see the report of W3 Techs Web Technology Surveys). WordPress has many ready-to-use tools for creating and managing web pages. Additionally, there are a significant number of plugins available to add all sorts of new features without much work. This includes event management, website profiles (social networking site), contact form, webshop, SEO, etc.


Most work, therefore, is mostly in the design of the website and translates it into a WordPress template, also called template. If you do not have a design, I can help you with that. If you already have a design, I see if it's easy to translate directly into a WordPress template, or first create an HTML design, which then serves as the basis for the WordPress template for your website.


WordPress - Derks.IT


WordPress - Conquistacoach


There are often reports of errors in WordPress, which allows malicious people to abuse a WordPress website for their own gain. Often the problem is not in the WordPress system itself, but in one of the installed plugins. Therefore, I always advise installing some security plugins that (part of) can detect, (temporarily) fix, or sometimes even occur.

Don't forget to thoroughly read the documentation of these plugins to have the desired effect.


Because I do not always have the time or because there might be other programmers that are more knowledgeable related to your specific wishes, I often work together with other programmers so that I can always help you.

Call me now on  +31207775488 , and soon you will have your WordPress website online!